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"Californian man-of-many musics – symphonic, choir, electronic, pop, free jazz,  columnist, you-name-it. Michael Glenn Williams has tried on all these hats, and all of them fit. " 

Alan Rich, columnist, critic for NY Times, New Yorker and Variety

" Indeed, for this composer, who has been called “the American Prokofiev,” color, sound and character are essential elements. His Oceanic Overture, which consists of orchestrations of three of the pieces in the second volume of his collection For the Young Artist—“Oceanic Whirlpool,” “Aria,” and “Ghost Galleon”—was nominated for the American Prize in Orchestra Composition...  a composer with a wide imagination—and a commitment to reach out to a wide audience " 

Stuart Isacoff, Wall Street Journal

"Strangeness pervades (Williams')  “Black Widow Waltz” so much that one can viscerally imagine Tim Burton’s creations" 

Colin Clarke, Fanfare


"Michael is a wonderfully colorful composer, whose pieces are full of character and imagination. There is clearly a jazz influence, as well as some inspiration from more popular styles. The music is also very cinematic. It’s music that is interesting and fun to listen to, as well as to play." 

Sean Chen, Van Cliburn Prizewinner


“Williams always emphasizes the purely musical element. Nothing ever sounds “academic” or in any way stilted. ... he expresses  the  joy of making music. It is music with lots of nostalgic sounds of the past mixed with the rhythms and flavor of our own time” 

Samuel Adler, composer, author "The Handbook of Orchestration"


"A self-described “technologist,” he has designed computer operating systems and software to support his needs as a composer and as a performer. Like many composers who work in film or television, Williams also finds time to compose free-standing concert music. And, as composers who work in film or television are practically compelled to be, he is able to write convincingly in a number of styles."  

Rayond Tuttle, Esquire, Classical.net


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