Music with solo piano


    Tarantella (Italian Holiday) for Piano and Orchestra

    Piano Concerto 1 (Princess Concerto)


    American Gothic Songbook Tome I

    • Spiders I Have Known
    • The Ghostly Companion
    • Edgar Allen's Waltz
    • Lovecraft
    • Unber Love
    • The Lonely Spiral
    • The Dunwich Horror

    Ring Tones

    • Nos 1-14

    For The Young Artist vol 1

    • Greek Dance
    • Chase Across The Prairie
    • Forgotten Waltz
    • Raising Up The Fort
    • Crack The Wheat, Grind The FLour
    • Lullabny
    • Peace Like A River
    • The Breeze On The Prairie
    • Baboon Rag
    • The Skeleton Saloon
    • Album Leaf no. 1

    For The Young Artist vol 2

    • Oceanic Whirlpool
    • Rusty Razor
    • Swing Till Your Toes Touch The Clouds
    • Trapped Inside A Doll
    • Aria
    • Grand Phoenix
    • Procession For The Fallen Heroes
    • Black Widow Waltz
    • Ghost Galleon

    Poem of the Adventurer 

    Poem of the Bohemian

    Dancing Princess
    The Unicorn Ride
    Collage (8 movements)

    Mendelssohn Fantasy

    The Enchanted Forest Suite (5 movements)

    Moments (5 movements)

    Canzicranz Dance  

    Tone Poems vol 1 (5)

    Tone Poems vol 2 (4)

    • The Last Night
    • Gift From The Past
    • Childhood's End
    • Mountain Meadow

    Songs Without Words vol. 1 (3)

    Songs Without Words vol. 2 (3)



    Suite for Piano (4 movements)
    Nocturne (Fugit Amor)
    Spiral Nocturne
    Anger Burst
    For Children at Heart (for students)
    Weekend (for students)
    Ten Preludes (for students)
    A Family of Lanipero (for students)


    Digital Animation for Two Pianos

    • Download sample pages of Digital Animation PDF
    • Digital Animation 1 sampled pianos  

    Toccata 1 for Piano 4 hands
    Five Abstract Pieces for Two Pianos
    Ballade for Two Pianos

    Tip Tap for Pedal Piano

    Chamber Music, Vocal Music

    El Mariachi Desperado for Flute or Violin and Piano

    Marina Suite for Brass Nonet

    Who Are Called for Brass Choir

    Lamentation Aria for String Quartet

    • Lamentation Aria synth rendition  

    Forgotten Waltz for Violin and Piano or Harp

    Meditation for Harp and Strings

    Romance for Harp and Flute

    What Love Oh! for Harp, Strings and Choir

    Poem of the Super Adventurer for Solo Harp

    Collage Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
    Sad, Lovely and Melancholy Airs for Flute and Piano
    Trio Populaire for Clarinet, 'Cello and Piano
    Be Still as You Are Beautiful for Tenor and Piano
    The Lord’s Prayer
    (original composition for traditional text) Soprano and Tenor
    Three Little Pieces for String Quartet
    Music for Horn and Strings
    Music for Guitar and Strings
    Open Music for Woodwind Quintet
    Prelude for Violin and Piano
    (for student)
    Fanfare and Postlude for Brass Choir
    (for students)
    A Little Bit of Heaven for Male Quartet (arr)
    Peter and the Wolf for Woodwind Quintet (arr)

    Large Ensembles, Orchestra

    New West Overture for symphony orchestra
    American Prairie Sketches for youth orchestra
    Rising Stars Overture for symphony orchestra
    Oceanic Overture for symphony orchestra
    Christmas Bolero for  symphony orchestra
    Procession for the Fallen Heroes for string orchestra
    Tarantella (Italian Holiday) for Piano and symphony orchestra
    Estonian Postcard for symphony orchestra
    Piano Concerto 1 (Princess Concerto) for Piano, Narrator and symphony orchestra
    Meditation for Harp and Strings
    Romance for Harp and Flute
    Romance for Oboe, Clarinet and symphony orchestra
    Romance for Oboe, Clarinet, Piano and strings
    What Love Oh! for Harp, Strings and small Choir
    Moments for Brass Choir
    Hymn for a Solemn Occasion for Brass Choir
    The Gates of Hell for symphony orchestra
    Symphony for Winds and Percussion
    March of the Giant Bears for symphony orchestra
    All Creatures Of Our God and King for Choir and Chamber Orchestra
    (also piano reduction)


    Some Children See Him for SATB Choir (arr)
    Good Bye for SATB Choir
    Immanuel for Choir, Children’s Choir, Piano and Organ

    A Dream Within A Dream advanced choir SATB
    California Christmas (Youth Choir)



    La Flauta Latina - jazz suite for Flute and Piano

    For Alyse - trio for PIano, Viola, and English Horn or Clarinet 

    Jazz Trespassers – Original instrumental jazz album 

    Wet – Original instrumental jazz album 

    Pocket Rocket – Collection of original jazz music 

    Collection of original jazz vocal music

    Chopin Etudes ala Jazz

    Arrangements of Standards

    Popular Song

    Collection of 50 original songs for Christian worship 

    • Lord of All Creation
    • See Ya' There
    • Simple Prayers
    • Others

    Chansons de l'amour perdu - Collection of 30 original popular songs 

    I Like That About You (Wedding Song)

    Musical Theater

    Alexander’s Very Bad Day – Children’s Musical
    Commander Toad and the Space Pirates – Children’s Musical
    The Name of the Tree – Children’s Musical
    Walk in Faith – Youth Musical

    Film, TV, VIdeo Game

    Scenes in Chicago Hope (TV)
    Scenes in on The Critic (TV)
    Scenes in Younger and Younger (Film)
    Scenes in The Limey (Film)
    Scenes in King of the Hill (Film)
    Scenes in Wonderland (Film)
    Scenes in Wicker Park (Film)
    Original score for Through the Door (Film)
    Original score for AGWC promo (commercial)

    Video Game Crabs and Penguins - Classical arrangements for piano


    Taylor Swift - I knew You Were Trouble & Beethoven 5th for Violin and Piano

    Taylor Swift - Roar for Violin and Piano

    Hallelujah for Strings and Piano

    Jurassic Park Meets Brandenburg in G for Trio and strings

    Poem of the Bohemian - Listz Hungarian Rhapsody with Bohemian Rhapsody

    Poem of the Adventurer - Chopin Grand Polonaise with Theme from Zelda the Adventurer